FERNETO AT MOZAMBIQUE: a successful history


The Project "Ferneto Mozambique" begins in 1997, when carrying out a market study for the internationalization of Ferneto brand.
Based on the results obtained, the high potential of Mozambique, lead to set up the initial contacts and carried out a proposed representation of the brand to a local company, marketer of bakery equipment. However, the observed growth of the Mozambique market for bakery and pastry was not understood by that company as possible, and in this context, declines the invitation to partnership.
Despite this refusal and its reasons, Ferneto decides to settle directly in the country and creates the June 18, 1998 the "Ferneto Mozambique, Lda", in Beira.
Following this decision, the company meets the conditions and resources necessary for the development of the internationalization project in Mozambique, runs a consolidated and consistent strategy of the parent company in Portugal.
Thus, Ferneto decides to participate in the fair FACIM (Maputo International Fair), a multisectoral Fair, with high profile in the country that annually brings together more than 900 exhibitors. This strategic move allowed the company to collect data and fundamentaly to understand the needs of the sector , the cultural reality of the country and the way of acting and being of Mozambican citizens as the ultimate consumer of baked goods and pastries information. This statement of empirical information and their matching enabled the formulation of an appropriate market positioning, clearly maximizing gains, but always duly included in the overall strategic line defined for Ferneto group.
We also made some adjustments to how to approach the market, managing only in January 1999 a solid starter. It was this process, essential to direct collaboration of one of the founders of the "Portuguese” Ferneto, Carlos Neto.
The company's rapid growth , boosted by the different approach to the market, where pro- active attitude, human relations and constant preoccupation with wealth creation for its customers, allows the structure to be extended to Maputo, with the creation of a trade delegation. At this stage, the company strengthens its team with more local employees, training them and instructing them, that the services of technical support for them could prove to be undertaken in the short / medium term.
In 2003, the company has its headquarters relocated to the capital and begins construction of a new warehouse in Beira. In this period, the responsibility of the technical area is already assumed by local collaborators. Within a year the company acquired a new warehouse in the capital Maputo.
With the new business, obtaining valid partnerships and consequent customer loyalty across the country, the company has assumed increasingly as an element of relief in the baking and pastry Mozambican market, reaching the outstanding leadership of the market with over 1,000,000 Euros billed.
At this stage, many of the components are already produced in Mozambique, using local hand labour, assemblies of equipment and furnaces also provided by local, the result of a growing human resource qualification held. The resulting improvement in the quality of life of all is undoubtedly one of the greatest victories of Ferneto in Mozambique!
In February 2010, is built and inaugurated the second warehouse in Maputo, a second industrial nature. It also decided in the General Assembly to boost the flag of Beira, with reinforcements in the commercial team centre, and north of the country.
Result of a determined and consistent work, combined with a long-term strategy which respects basic principles of Ferneto as well as customers, employees and partners, framed in the local culture, Ferneto stands out as clear case of market success in Mozambique.




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