From north to south, East to West, Norte a Sul, de Este a Oeste, we are present countrywide in Portugal.

Through tecnical assistants distributed by regions, with knowledge regarding the several geografical areas of the country, we provide a service focused on the true needs of the market.

Supported by data, information and knowledge concernig great part of the national market, we are enabled with Know-How, of experiences lived in site within the market, from the daily contact with professionals who actually work in the bakery and pastry portuguese sector

The professionalism in treatment, nimbleness in the processes, the determination and ability to solve put it to each situation, "side-by-side" with the costumer, such as the proactivity and aptitude in forecoming problems are what makes us FASTFER in the market

A philosophy based in a relationship of partnership between costumer and the company, seeking mutual and growing rentability levels.



Vagos (00351) 234 790 180

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