One like, one help. Several "likes" several helps. MANY LIKES, LESS ABANDONMENT!


Abandonment of animals , especially domestic animals such as dogs and cats , is an increasingly phenomenon present in our day -to-day.
Having a pet requires time, dedication and also some income to keep the pet healthy and happy within your home. In an increasingly unfavorable economic climate , the increase in pet abandonment has created major difficulties for welcoming centers and institutions for animals .
In an attempt to reduce animal neglect and also the reproduction of animals abandoned a campaign of sterilization of animals adopted by the Veterinary Office of Municipal Vagos counting on our support is being initiated.
For every "like" on page Fastfer € 0.50 will be donated to revert to buying surgical equipment for City Veterinary Office of Vagos. This campaign is in effect until January 31, 2013.


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