EDUCATE TO BETTER SERVE - Bakery technical days (Spain)


During the 21st and 22nd of May took place in Castilla y León, in CETECE (Technological Centre for Bakery) a cycle of Bakery Technical Seminar organized by Ferneto.
This cycle journeys in addition to a strong focus on bread and all its variants (properties of the ingredients, mixing systems , improvement of bread and sensory analysis) attended a seminar that reflected the importance of preventive maintenance in the bakery sector and pastries as well as various demonstrations of preventive maintenance of the equipment. For Fastfer, assist is not just "solve the problem in time" through a permanent technical service, the art of serving is also against the emergence of problems, maintaining optimum levels of performance of the equipment and educating for prevention.
This event with the collaboration of several companies in the sector deserved the presence of dozens of professionals.



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