The date was January 10, 2008 that required conditions were met to create a company devoted entirely to the care market for bakery and pastry equipment.

Consisting of 100% Portuguese capital, Fastfer arose from the need to equip and reset an experienced team of more current physical and logistical resources.

Care assistance, client by client, year after year, we have strengthened our position as a leader in the technical assistance of bakery and pastry equipment. Today, we are largest company in this sector.

Based on the values ​​of proximity, availability and ongoing support positioning, we have 3 workshops strategically located (Vagos, Lisbon and Algarve) which allow to objectively respond to all requests from north to south of the country, 24 hours a day.


In Portuguese bakery market, technical assistance is carried out by specialized technicians for that geographical area, in partnership with the sales team of Ferneto offer an authentic response to the end customer through differentiated and accurate solutions.
The strengthening of our infrastructure and resources as well as the improvement of our technical staff have been a strong focus for the last year. Currently, we have a modernized fleet properly equipped with factory trained technicians. The troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, reconditioning and marketing of machinery parts and equipment used for baking and cleaning are our biggest valences.
On the date when we celebrate our first 5 years of existence, we are convinced that the success is a result of the way we have been following.
The work and merits of our teams are recognized by thousands of interventions that we do every year.
On this special day ... we want to thank all those who have accompanied us and who have contributed to the continuous improvement of the quality of our services!
To the suppliers, customers, partners and employees, we say: Thank you very much!



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