The degradation of marine habitats, the indentation of the sands of the beach, as well as the loss of cultural traces of the different coastal regions, are facts clearly visible in the current panorama of some Portuguese beaches. A reality that has been strongly felt in Vagueira beach in Vagos.
This harsh reality, evidenced in the retreat of the sandy beach of Vagueira, has affected local tourism over the past few years, damaging the local economy and services, mainly in the tourism sector.
Making a brief self-examination, is increasingly apparent, the need for decision-making and implementation of more sustainable measures, protecting the environmental, ecological, economic interests and, ultimately, social, guaranteeing a better future for generations to come.
Based on this perspective, rooted in respect for the sea and throughout the culture derived from, a movement of hundreds of citizens who expressed their contribution in support of a cause.
On June 30 was organized in Vagueira beach a pioneer event in Portugal, the formulation of the world's largest message written in the sand, composed of people and beach towels.
"The Earth's wounds will not heal with indifference."

The mega message added more than 1500 people, that, geometrically arranged along the line of the sea, reached about 430 meters long and 8 meters high, applying for a new world record by Guinness World Records.

Read hundreds of meters high, the message should be understood as an action of respect and consideration for the values of nature and create, individually and collectively, a deep reflection about that future and we intend to follow paths.

For Fastfer, a company that "carries" Vagos name throughout the national territory and who, as agent also responsible in changing behaviours and attitudes more environmentally friendly, it was a pride to be able to contribute to the building of this mega phrase.

On this day, sharing the same values and extolling a heritage who both we, our beaches, we have shown that by very small as we are, when we get together, we're bigger.

We thank the support and participation of our employees and friends and congratulate the Organization for success. See a few more photos on our Facebook Page.
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