Last Friday, February 8th, we attended Vagos City Council to officially formalize the support to the Municipal Veterinary Office through “MANY LIKES, LESS ABANDONMENT “campaign.
It was well worth, wrapped in a spirit of positivism, we noted the success of this action with the City of Vagos.
In this small ceremony, in addition to surgical equipment, we recalled all likes and shares made from the 16th to 31st January. Thank you all!
As a Portuguese company, headquartered in Vagos, who works daily from North to South of the country supporting professionals who honour the Portuguese pastry and bakery, we are pleased to collaborate with an institution that operates for the good of the community from our city, Vagos.
Again we thank the support shown during the campaign and we would ask you to continue to appreciate one of the greatest treasures of Portugal, the bread!
Photography : Journal “O Ponto”


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